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Our Users Submissions

Sem W
Amsterdam It's rich in culture, history and it has architecture found nowhere else in the world. Everyone speaks English and the people are generally pretty laid back once you get outside the touristy parts.
Catarina Carvalho
Chiang Mai The best internet connection around SE Asia, kind locals, decent cost of living, good weather (generally) and a big nomad community.
Paige Higham
Budapest Budapest has stunning architecture, art and history. It’s a beautiful blend of old and new. Quirky designers and bars. A thriving vibrant Jewish community. It’s a colourful, inexpensive, diverse ride!
Nikolina Gligoric
Belgrade Most beautiful views, it is a modern city combined with history, two rivers, lake and hill, and the best night life in Europe. Amazing food, beautiful people!
Andrew Ryan
Rio De Janeiro Rio De Janeiro during Carnival is a magical place. The city is buzzing and it is once in a lifetime experience.
Kasia Cage
Warsaw Contrast between a modern metropolis with leftover reminders of communism Cheap and progressive and a fair bit quirky with their desire to adopt the Anglo western culture but making it their own
Jade Alison
Phuket Phuket has incredible hidden beaches, amazing vegan food, stunning viewpoints and a wild nightlight. I'll never get bored here.
Victor Blomberg
Chiang Mai The food is incredible and the Thai people are so friendly.
Andrew Schultz
Chiang Mai The street food here is fantastic and the locals always greet you with a smile. Exceptionally good value for your tourist dollar!