Best Time To Visit Wrocław

The peak travel months to Wrocław are during the months of June, July, August.

Wrocław is a city on the Oder River. It’s known for its Market Square, lined with elegant townhouses and featuring a modern fountain and its large astronomical clock. The Centennial Hall auditorium with its giant dome lies across the river.

In the city center, the White Stork Synagogue contains a museum detailing the Jewish history of the town. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist has towering twin spires and multiple chapels. Nearby, the botanical garden is home to greenhouses, an alpine garden and an arboretum. The Wrocław Fountain features colorful water displays set to music and lights. Close by is Szczytnicki Park home to manicured Japanese garden and the wooden St. John of Nepomuk church.

Map of Wrocław