Best Time To Visit Taipei

The peak travel months to Taipei are during the months of January, February, July.

Taipei the capital of Taiwan. The skyline is crowned by the bamboo-shaped Taipei 101 skyscraper. Taipei is also known for its lively street-food scene and many night markets, including expansive Shilin market.

Major attractions include the National Palace Museum, displaying a vast collection of Chinese Imperial art moved from Beijing’s Forbidden City in 1949. The old neighborhoods of Wanhua and Datong are filled with historic sites, including Longshan Temple. Near the city and accessible by metro is the longtime spa region of Beitou, offering soaks at geothermal springs and hikes at adjacent Yangmingshan National Park. Another popular day trip is the Maokong tea region reached by the 4km-long Maokong gondola.

Map of Taipei