Best Time To Visit Odessa

The peak travel months to Odessa are during the months of June, July, August.

Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea. It’s known for its beaches and architecture such as the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. The monumental Potemkin Stairs, immortalized in “The Battleship Potemkin,” lead down to the waterfront with its Vorontsov Lighthouse.

The cafe-lined Deribasovskaya Street and nearby City Garden are popular gathering spots. The nearby Shevchenko Park is named for the Ukrainian poet. Beneath the streets is the tunnel network of the Odessa Catacombs. Within the catacombs northwest of the city is the underground Museum of Partisan Glory, honoring WWII resistance fighters.

The seaside Arcadia district has a beach lined with bars and nightclubs.

Map of Odessa