Best Time To Visit Oaxaca

The peak travel months to Oaxaca are during the months of April, July, December.

Oaxaca is located in Southwestern Mexico. The state is best known for its indigenous peoples and cultures. The most numerous and best known are the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs.

The coast has the major resort of Huatulco and sandy beaches of Puerto Escondido, Puerto Ángel and Zipolite. Oaxaca is also one of the most biologically diverse states in Mexico for numbers of reptiles, amphibians and plants.

Food of Mexico


A traditional Mexican sweet bread roll. Conchas get their name from their round shape and their striped, seashell-like appearance.



A traditional type of flour used to make tamales, tortillas, and many other Mexican favorites. Masa harina means “dough flour"…


Tortilla soup

Sopa de tortilla

Sopa de tortilla served at a small restaurant in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico


Cochinita pibil

A traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Peninsula.

Bionico with strawberries

A fruit salad consisting of a variety of fruits chopped up into small cubes, drenched with crema and topped off…


Fried mojarra fish

Fried mojarra fish served with nopales beans etc served at a restaurant in Janitizio Island, Michocan


Cemita sandwich

A torta originally from Puebla, Mexico.


Map of Oaxaca