Best Time To Visit Belize City

The peak travel months to Belize City are during the months of January, February, December.

Belize City is a port city in the country of Belize. It’s divided into north and south sides by Haulover Creek, which opens into the Caribbean Sea. The manually operated 1920s Swing Bridgelinks the two. On the north side, the Museum of Belize traces the country’s history, with exhibits including Mayan artifacts.

At the mouth of Haulover Creek is Baron Bliss Lighthouse with his tomb outside. Cruise ships dock near the Tourism Village which has tour operators and shopping. The south side has colonial buildings like the wooden Government House and St. John’s Cathedral housing a antique pipe organ. Boats depart from the north side’s marine terminal for nearby islands like Caye Caulker and Goff’s Caye.

Map of Belize City