Best Time To Visit Bangkok

The peak travel months to Bangkok are during the months of January, March, April.

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital. It’s is a city known for ornate shrines and vibrant street life. The boat-filled Chao Phraya River feeds its network of canals, flowing past the Rattanakosin royal district. Nearby is Wat Pho Temple with an enormous reclining Buddha.

Traditional teak buildings like the Jim Thompson House contrast with the city’s skyline of modern high-rises. Shopping options range from the upscale mega-malls of the Ratchaprasong district to the thousands of tiny stalls at overflowing Chatuchak Weekend Market.

The city’s renowned food scene spans traditional street-cart snacks to upscale international restaurants. Bangkok is also known for its exuberant nightlife, with venues ranging from swanky rooftop lounges to basic backpacker bars and nightclubs of the notorious Patpong district.

Food of Thailand

Rice congee

Jok mu sap

Of Chinese origin, it is a rice congee with minced chicken or pork. Mixing an egg in with the congee…


Omelette on rice

Khao khai chiao

A quick snack or breakfast, it is an omelette with white rice, often eaten with chili sauce and cucumber. The…


Thai chicken biryani

Khao mok gai

The Thai version of a "chicken biryani". The name literally means "rice covered chicken" and this Thai-Muslim dish is made…


Chicken rice

Khao man gai

Rice steamed with garlic served with sliced chicken, chicken broth, and a spicy dipping sauce.


Map of Bangkok